Our ambassadors are individuals or organizations who like giving to their community because they feel an intrinsic motivation to do so; they find meaning in life by helping other people to reach their goals.


Ambassadors play a key role in helping grow and develop our programmes in new locations across the globe. We are looking for people who share our vision, are keen to promote our joint ambitions in their networks, and who would like to use their skills to help uprise the living of Street Kids in Uganda. As a LMG Ambassador you can play a precious, official and concrete volunteer-work in favor of needy Street Kids, even without leaving your city.


-Endorse the work that the NGO is doing by lending their image & equity.
-Raise donations for the NGO, a different role though sometimes endorsements also  result in increased fund raising.
-Use their power with the media to raise awareness of campaigns that the NGO runs.

By becoming ambassador you will be able:

– To recommend projects in your community.
– To help other people in need by creating campaigns for them.
– To help others by promoting and participating in their campaigns.
– To organize events in your community.
– To join a global network.


– Your name will be in our ambassadors list.
– You can include it in your CV.
– Join a community of like minded people.
– Self-fulfillment.
– Actively help to change our society to the better.
– Create good Karma by helping others to implement their cause.
-Challenge and empower yourself, both personally and professionally through a humanitarian activity: enhance or gain new skills;
– For active Ambassadors: You will receive a personal reference letter that shows your motivation to help in creating a positive change in our society!

Why should you become an Ambassador?

As a LMG Ambassador you can play a crucial role in the expansion of LMG's mission and outreach, to help Street Kids economically and emotionally. We need your expertise, engagement and enthusiasm to continue LMG’s success.

LMG provides its Ambassadors with photography  materials,training, and support tailored to your  location’s specific needs.
You will join a growing network  across the globe supporting Street Kids, and you will have access to LMG’s  network of volunteers and partners .

Would you like to be an Ambassador for Life Mu Ghetto and create a positive change? Please fill this form to learn more!

Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?

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